Your drinks list, Melbourne!

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There’s more to VIN Diemen than food and wine! Below is your drinks list featuring a range of Tasmanian ciders and spirits.


Pagan Apple Cider (330ml x 4) $21.99
Pagan Pear Cider (330ml x 4) $21.99
Pagan Cerise (Cherry) Cider (330ml x 4) $24.99
Pagan Blueberry Cider (330ml x 4) $24.99
Pagan Strawberry Cider (330ml x 4) $24.99
Pagan Peach Cider (750ml) $24.99
Pagan Apricot Cider (750ml) $24.99
Pagan Quince Cider (750ml) $24.99


Strait Vodka 700ml VIN Diemen special: $60.00
Strait Tasmanian Raspberry Vodka 700ml $65.00
Strait Tasmanian Cherry Vodka 700ml $65.00
Strait Tasmanian Lemon Vodka 700ml $65.00
Strait Tasmanian Native Pepperberry Vodka 700ml $65.00
Strait Dry Gin 700ml $60.00
Strait Tasmanian Sloe Gin 500ml $55.00
Strait Tasmanian Strawberry Gin 500ml $55.00
Strait Tasmanian Hazelnut Gin 500ml $55.00