Tell us your story / where are you in Tasmania and why?
House of Arras was founded in 1995, to craft an exceptional Sparkling Wine, equal to the worlds best. Created by Australia’s most awarded sparkling winemaker, Ed Carr, outstanding fruit is sourced across Tasmania’s premium cold climate regions, then meticulously blended & matured, released at their very best.

Bay of Fires was founded upon the vision and spirit of our dedicated winemaking and viticultural team, who believed Tasmania would one day be the pre-eminent region in Australia to produce cool climate wines. Winemaker Penny Jones now leads the Bay of Fires team and together they continue to craft award winning wine, across both the Eddystone Point and Bay of Fires brands.

What are three things we need to know about Tasmanian wine? What makes it unique?
The three things to know about Tasmanian Wine are:
The amazing pioneering spirit of winemakers and viticulturists
Individuality – of the wines, the people and the regions
The quality and the purity of the produce

The climate and the soils is what makes Tasmanian Wine unique. Its climate is significantly cooler than the mainland, with long summer daylight and maritime influences, which are Ideal conditions for long, slow and consistent fruit development.

What is unique about your region (in general) and what’s impact does that have on your wines?
Whilst we source grapes from all across Tasmania, Pipers River is the home of our Cellar Door and this region is amongst our most important sparkling wine grape sources. Pipers River is one of the coolest sub-regions, with moderating winds keeping the daily temperature variation low. It has the highest winter rainfall of all the major grape growing areas in Tasmania.

Tasmania is a special place. What is the absolute ‘must do’ when people visit? (aside from seeing you!).
Aside from visiting us at Pipers River, there is plenty to do in Tasmania. A few suggestions – Visiting Hobart waterfront, driving Ocean Rd along the East Coast, checking out the wilderness in the High Country, hopping on a boat trip to explore the coastline or sampling the amazing produce, wine & spirits that Tasmania is famous for.

Picking one of your wines, what is the best Tassie food match with it?
House of Arras Brut Elite with freshly shucked, Tasmanian Oysters. Nothing better!