Tell us your story / where are you in Tasmania and why?
We didn’t choose Delamere Vineyards, it chose us. From the first moment we walked into the vineyard, we could almost hear the vines telling us why they were there.

Close planted, on the side of a steep hill, freezing cold. A vineyard that demanded to be managed 100% by hand so you could feel the intent of each and every vine. To make world-class wines that spoke of their place. How could we have ever walked away?

And so, almost a decade on, with our life’s purpose clear in our minds, we’re on a journey to unlock the inherent beauty of this site and encapsulate a part of that story in each wine from each vintage.

Planted to chardonnay and pinot noir, the vineyard produces outstanding vintage and non vintage sparkling wine in three styles, Blanc de Blanc, Pinot Chardonnay and Rose. The sparkling wines are complemented by outstanding single vineyard chardonnay and pinot noir and a pinot nor rose.

What are three things we need to know about Tasmanian wine? What makes it unique?
In Tasmanian there is only 1800ha under vine (2017) so Tasmanian wines are very rare (<1% of Australian production)

Our latitude (distance from the equator) similar to the famous French regions of Champagne and Burgundy makes our region perfect for growing and making cool climate wines.

Tasmania’s Island status provides a maritime influence resulting in relatively low variation in day/night time temperatures, which assists vine production of aromatic compounds.

What is unique about your region (in general) and what’s impact does that have on your wines?
Pipers River area is the one of the coolest areas in Tasmania for grape growing. Fruit ripens 2-3 weeks later than the Tamar Valley, 20 minutes away. Hence it is the dominant sparkling wine production area in Tasmania.

Tasmania is a special place. What is the absolute ‘must do’ when people visit? (aside from seeing you!)
Start your Saturday with the Launceston Harvest Market, pack a picnic and find yourself an adventure on one of ‘Tassie’s 60 great short walks’ and enjoy your picnic under a waterfall in the Tasmanians wilderness.

Picking one of your wines, what is the best Tassie food match with it?
Enjoy a bottle of 2015 Delamere Pinot Noir with a Chard rump of Tasmanian Landfall lamb, with a roasted beetroot and Grandvewe Fresh crumbled cheese salad.

With written permission from Smudge Publishing