Tell us your story / where are you in Tasmania and why?

A shining light on Tasmania’s remote central north coast. Established in 1998 by two true pioneers of the Tasmanian wine industry, Ghost Rock has defined odds to become one of the North’s most awarded wineries.

Finalist – Australian Winery of the Year. Winestate Magazine 2016.

What are three things we need to know about Tasmaniana wine? What makes it unique?
1. Climate
2. Climate.
3. Climate.

What is unique about your region (in general) and what’s impact does that have on your wines?
What’s unique about Ghost Rock is that it’s created its own region. We have an environment that is uniquely, specifically ours, and the wines clearly translate our site to bottle.

Tasmania is a special place. What is the absolute ‘must do’ when people visit? (aside from seeing you!).
Tasmania’s beaches are some of the most stunning, dramatic beaches in the world. Binalong Bay would top the list. Truly breathtaking. Truly worth the journey.

Picking one of your wines, what is the best Tassie food match with it?
The 2016 Bonadale Pinot Noir is made for slow cooked pulled pork.