Tell us your story / where are you in Tasmania and why?
Family owned property since 1875, now managed by the fifth generation of the Lyne family. The property was settled in 1842 and the main household and stable were built from quarried rock using convict labour. The stable is now used as our cellar door.

What are three things we need to know about Tasmanian wine? What makes it unique?

  1. Fruit driven wines with elegance.
  2. They express their terroir.
  3. Many family owned enterprises resulting in passionate, hard working people and the results speak for themselves.

What is unique about your region (in general) and what impact does that have on your wines?
Dry climate resulting in warm days and cool nights: a viticulturist’s dream! fruit impact of the wines here are unparalleled.

Tasmania is a special place. What is the absolute ‘must do’ when people visit? (aside from seeing you!)
Freycinet National Park. Do it by boat…

Picking one of your wines, what is the best Tassie food match with it?
Tassie lamb with our Estate Pinot Noir.